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6 Outdoor Classroom Ideas for Young Kids

Outdoor Classroom Ideas

As kids grow up and start moving out of their homes, they often have a lot of trouble adjusting to the outside world. The last thing they want is to spend eight hours daily in an enclosed classroom. On the other hand, an outdoor themed classroom can be an excellent option for developing their young minds. Here is a look at some of the outdoor classroom ideas you can make possible.

Outdoor Classroom Activity Ideas

Learning doesn’t have to just take place in the classroom. There are a variety of outdoor school activities that can teach your children social skills, critical thinking, and even keep them physically active. Here are some of our favorite outdoor learning activities.

1. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the greatest outdoor classroom ideas to get kids involved in outdoor classroom activities for elementary students. At the same time, it teaches them essential skills that will serve them well throughout their lives: teamwork, competition, and hard work.

2. Nature Hike

A nature hike is also one of the best outdoor learning activities. It encourages your child to observe, enjoy and care about the environment. This will give them an idea of how animals survive in nature, which is the basis for their future career choices.

3. Critter Quest

Critter quest is one of the outdoor school activities inspired by the adventures of explorer Ella Pruitt. Your children will love this adventure-packed box from Ella’s treetop house. Each Critter Quest box contains an activity book, poster, and dice game. The author encourages kids to ask questions, look at examples, and recognize patterns as they explore nature.

4. Gardening

Get lesson plans and activities for outdoor education and take your kids outside and teach them to be gardeners. Plant seeds, tend to them, and harvest the fruits of your hard work in the springtime.

5. Texture Scavenger Hunt

Texture hunt is among the best nature-themed outdoor classroom ideas that get your kids using their intuition and creativity to find things they like. This exercise can be adapted to various places, either inside or outside. Learn about our nature-themed subscription boxes.

6. Chalk Jump

This fun activity is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten. They can use their imaginations to create the backdrop of their characters. While the adults focus on basic crafts, kids do all the work.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas Shipped to Your Door

Young kids are just little scientists, explorers, and constructors if we let them. And letting them is easy. Above are some outdoor classroom ideas you can use to encourage this behavior in your child or in the children at your local preschool. Browse outdoor subscription boxes that are educational and perfect for taking your classroom outside!

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