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About Us

One day, while walking our kids to school, we were talking about how kids today spend so many hours of their day inside watching a screen … including our own kids, at times.

If you grew up like us, you probably have fond memories of exploring in the woods, building something with your own hands, being creative and resourceful, and appreciating the world right outside your door.

With THiNK OUTSiDE we want to give today’s youth that feeling of accomplishment and independence, while teaching basic outdoor skills, helping build character, and instilling respect for nature.

While developing each box and activity, we naturally get the opportunity to spend more time outside with our own children, testing out the activities, and going on adventures together—bonus!

We are committed to spending as much time outside as we can, no matter the weather or time of day. And we’d love for our company to be your motivation for creating more family time through outdoor experiences!

Meet the Team

Crystal Wren
Finance & Operations

“The greatest skill I’ve learned through my teenage to adult life is resourcefulness. Growing up with limited resources, you find ways of accomplishing tasks and achieving goals through creativity and innovative thinking. Thinking outside the box has allowed me to experience success, confidence, and contentment. If nothing else, the best gift I can teach my children is that same resourceful thought process I learned through outdoor and creative play. My commitment to this community is to show my passion for people, outdoors, and creative thinking through learning based activities… in the outdoors!”

Kerstin Carr
Content & Design

“I’ve always been a tomboy at heart, playing outside until dark. I loved climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and building homes made out of sticks and leaves. I would catch grasshoppers and other small insects in nearby meadows, just to hold and admire them for a few seconds. On the weekends we would often hike as a family through nature and explore new trails, forests, and mountain ranges within our region. Sandwiches never tasted better than as a picnic during a day-long hike! As a parent, I want my daughter to have the same type of excitement and sense of independence that comes with outdoor adventure.”

Justin Wren
Partnerships & Sourcing

“As a parent, my primary focus is to ensure my kids are gaining the experience they need to grow into the person(s) I always expected myself to become. Finding the connection and talking points is an ever-evolving target, especially as they get more involved with technology, games, and apps. Outside activities have always been the easiest connection point, as I feel they let loose and are more open to conversation, theories, and learning about new things. I am excited that we get to learn right along with our THiNK OUTSiDE community and get to share from a perspective that I think will allow most parents to bridge many gaps between themselves and their child.”

Richard Carr
Marketing & Partnerships

“Reminiscing about my own childhood, growing up on a farm, I spent most of my days outside. As the father of a young daughter, I’m excited to learn alongside her some of these new skills that teach us the value of the outdoors and appreciate nature. I’m inherently curious about how and why things work and how to be creative with limited resources. With outdoor play and exploration also comes a feeling of freedom and accomplishment that help shape character. And I love seeing the world through my daughter’s and her friends’ eyes, who have such fascination and wonder about the world around them.”