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Benefits of Connecting Children & Nature

Benefits of Connecting Children & Nature

We live in a time when both children and adults spend a lot of time on their phones and computers. However, it is important to connect children and nature. There are several reasons that connecting children with nature is important.

Prevent Childhood Obesity by Connecting Children with Nature

Childhood obesity is one of the top health concerns. The number of children who are obese has grown drastically over the years. It is estimated that 19.3 percent of children are obese. However, connecting children with nature can protect children from obesity.

Being outdoors raises children’s vitamin D levels. This is an important vitamin that helps protect children from obesity. It can also lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Children can also get plenty of exercise when they spend time in nature. They can take a walk through the woods and get some fresh air and exercise. Additionally, there have been studies done to confirm that having access to green spaces can prevent obesity. The health benefits of connecting children with nature can’t be overstated.

Connecting Children with Nature Can Reduce Stress

When many people think about stress, they think about a problem that only affects adults. However, children can be affected by stress. The good news is that one of the benefits of nature for children is that being in nature is a stress reliever. Nature gives children fresh air and sunshine, which have both shown to be mood boosters. They can also help your child forget about all of the things that are stressing them.

Connecting Children with Nature Presents an Opportunity to Learn

Learning is not something that has to take place in the classroom. One of the benefits of connecting children with nature is that it will give them the opportunity to learn. They will be able to learn a lot about plants, animals and the natural environment. Children will be able to get hands-on learning. They will also be able to develop a love for nature.

Develop a Love for the Environment by Connecting Children with Nature

Earth is the only place that we are able to live. That is why it is important for people to learn how to take care of the environment at a young age. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to nature by the age of 11 are more likely to make environmentally responsible decisions.

Connecting Children with Nature Improves Self-Esteem

Studies have shown that people who connect with nature have higher self-esteem. Green spaces give children the opportunity to connect with their surroundings and other people.

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