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Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids that are Fun & Educational

Winter Activities for Kids

During the winter months, many people have been raised to huddle inside and pursue indoor activities. However, imagine that this preconceived notion about how to act during the colder months was false. Instead of missing out on seasonal fun, consider some fun winter activities for kids outside.

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

The possibilities for winter kids activities are endless. Here are some of our favorite outdoor winter activities for kids:

Winter Sports

When you’re looking for outdoor winter activities for kids, consider playing sports. You can have fun and get fit with your family. Snowboarding, sledding, and skiing are all physical activities that you can engage in. Another option is to look into signing the kids up for ice hockey or joining a league yourself.

Nature Walks

People tend to think of nature as coming alive in the spring, but an abundance of flora and fauna exists in the winter too. Add nature walks to your list of winter family activities. You can make outdoor winter activities for toddlers fun by challenging little ones to find certain animals or plants. For older kids, you can ask them to note identifying features of different animals or plant life.

Snow Activities

A list of activities for winter family fun would be incomplete without some things to do on a snowy day. Consider how building with the snow can help your kids with creativity and coordination. If everyone is up to it, you could have a leisurely snowball fight. Taking pictures of the snow should also be on your list of outdoor winter activities for kids.

Have a Game Night

During the warmer months, you might bring board games outside, but you can do the same in the winter. You can turn your favorite board games into the best winter games. Set up chairs and a table near the fire pit. Bring out hot chocolate and some marshmallows to roast. Since the skies get dark earlier in the winter, you can feel as though you’re out camping even before dinner time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Teach your children about the power of giving back to the community. Winter activities for kids could include brushing snow off of elderly neighbors’ cars. When the kids are older, you can go with them to shovel the driveways and sidewalks of neighbors who are homebound. Your children are learning about taking care of other people in their own community.

More Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

You might be surprised to learn about outdoor winter games after having spent many chilly seasons indoors. The fact of the matter is that some of the best winter activities for kids can be done outside. At Think Outside Boxes, we have a variety of nature-themed educational subscription boxes that make it easy for your little one to stay active outside, all year round!

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