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Looking for high-quality kids outdoor gear? Our adventure gear for kids will help you foster a love of the outdoors in any child in your life. On top of our award-winning kids’ outdoor subscription boxes, we offer a wide range of outdoor gear for kids that will get your children excited about outdoor adventures. From backpacks and walkie-talkies to rechargeable headlamps and neck gaiters, our kids’ outdoor equipment are valuable tools that can build lifelong skills. Shop our outdoor gear shop and browse our selection of kids’ outdoor gear.

Many of the gear  items, or similar, are also included in our monthly subscription programs. All current and past subscribers receive an automatic 20% discount.

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Showing all 17 results

High-Quality Kids Outdoor Gear for the Awesome Outdoors

If you are searching for outdoor gear for kids, you have come to the right place. We know that children need to play outside, and outdoor play translates to better social and academic learning.

THiNK OUTSiDE provides a kids outdoor gear shop with tools children can use to learn and grow outdoors.

Outdoor Gear for Kids to Promote Exploration

THiNK OUTSiDE’s outdoor gear for kids is designed to get them excited about being outside, where they can learn and explore while receiving the benefits of being in nature. These benefits include reduced stress and increased creativity and confidence. Let the adventure begin!

kids outdoor gear
kids outdoor gear

Receive Kids Outdoor Equipment Each Month

A lot of the high-quality gear you see here is included in our monthly outdoor subscription boxes for kids, allowing children to collect gear while exploring nature and developing a sense of wonder with the outside world.

Kids Outdoor Gear: Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right kids outdoor equipment can seem a little daunting, especially when faced with so many options on the market. Check out our answers below to common questions about kids outdoor gear. Shopping for adventure gear for kids should be easy, so we’re here to help!

Where Do I Begin With Purchasing Kids Outdoor Equipment?

In addition to the basics like a high-quality backpack and on-the-go hydration, must-have kids outdoor gear includes:

  • Sun protection. Our adjustable hat and neck gaiters shield the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Water protection. Protect from the water with a backpack rainfly and dry bag.
  • Animal protection. Alert bears to prevent surprise encounters with our bear bells. Our mosquito relief and prevention set includes a protective head net and a chemical-free sting and bite kit.

Don’t forget to check out our multi-packs, which allow you to easily purchase kids outdoor gear for multiple adventurers at one time. For example, our bear bells come in 2-packs, and you can find a multi-purpose survival pocket tool in a 3-pack.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Buying Outdoor Gear for Kids?

Yes! In addition to our online outdoor activities store, we curate award-winning outdoor monthly subscriptions for kids featuring boxes that educate, provide tools and create outside adventure.

Simply choose a program based on the child’s age and select your billing plan. Your first package includes awesome adventure gear for outdoors that kids will love.

What Programs and Plans Do You Offer?

We currently have two outdoor subscription boxes, one program for younger children and one for older ages.

You will continue to receive cool outdoor gear for kids in the monthly boxes in addition to great educational materials teaching fundamental outdoor skills.

Billing plan frequency options are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Start the Adventure – Shop Kids Outdoor Gear

Find the subscription and children’s outdoor equipment that’s right for your kids at THiNK OUTSiDE today!