Get your Kids
Outside & Active!

Award Winning Program

Give your kids lifelong skills that encourage exploration & independence with THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES!

What's Inside the Box?

THiNK OUTSiDE is a monthly subscription box full of outdoor gear and resources that will get your kids away from a screen and outside exploring nature!

  • 3 to 5 pieces of quality outdoor gear
  • Water-resistant resource cards
  • 28+ page educational booklet
  • Hands-on activities
  • Challenges to do as a family
  • Education and skill building
  • Monthly themes, such as navigation, shelter building, or star gazing
  • National park spotlights
  • Global features
  • Empathy section

How it Works

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The Subscription Cycle

Jump in with our Intro box to get started. Then follow the season with monthly themed boxes.

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Award-winning program encouraging lifelong learning!

Studies show that walking as little as 20 minutes in the woods helps to significantly reduce stress.
Learning about and exploring nature fosters curiosity about the world around us.
Spending time outside teaches how to be resourceful and creative.
Outdoor play involves taking risks while gaining confidence, away from electronics.

Choose the Pricing Plan that Works Best for You!

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$39.95 Today
Renews monthly
$39.95 + $113.85 Today
(Intro + 3 Months)
Renews quarterly
*Save $24!
Half Year
$39.95 + $215.70 Today
(Intro + 6 Months)
Renews after 7 boxes
*Save $48!
Full Year
$39.95 + $407.40 Today
(Intro + 12 Months)
Boxes ship monthly
*Save $72!

For families with multiple orders, a discount of $2 per box will automatically be applied on renewal orders when orders are delivered to the same address.

What our Customers are Saying

"What a great box! I searched the internet to find a box for my whole family and this is the perfect box. It provides guides for survival skills and gives you monthly adventures for the whole family."
"My boys have been out exploring about every other day. We just tell them to go wherever they end up and look around, get rocks, watch butterflies, whatever they think of. They’re having a blast with it. And it's the only time they get along!"
"My 14 year old loves his boxes! He even asked to go hiking more now that he's started building his hiking gear. An unbelievable alternative to sitting inside playing videos / watching screens all day!"

Get Outside, Play Outside, Learn Outside!

We want to hear from you – your experiences with THiNK OUTSiDE, your adventures, and the things that inspire you to get outside. Send us your stories and pictures to be featured on our page and social media!

What is the recommended age range for this box?

Our boxes were created for a wide age range. This box can be suitable for ages 4-8 with parent guidance and participation—a great way to build family connection! For ages 9-14+, your kids will gain confidence in the outdoors with our challenges and education while exploring the box independently.

Can my children share a subscription?

We get this question all the time! You have the option to get multiple subscriptions for your family, and we automatically apply a sibling discount when boxes are shipped to the same address. To take advantage of the sibling discount ($2 off per box), simply add each subscription to your cart and check out in one order.

You can also purchase one box for your children to share. While only one set of gear is sent with a single subscription, you can purchase an additional backpack with your first order by clicking here.

When will my box ship?

Intro boxes are shipped twice a month. If you just signed up, your first box will be shipped around the 5th or 15th depending on your sign up date. After your first box, each subsequent monthly box will be shipped around the 5th.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime before your next renewal to end your subscription. All pre-paid boxes will continue to ship on the standard schedule, but your subscription will not renew once cancelled. To cancel, log into your account and choose subscriptions from the account page. View the subscription you would like to cancel, and select Cancel in the 'Actions' menu.